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Exquisite production technology

Production of automation equipment, transportation equipment

One of the most powerful manufacturers

Set design, manufacture, sales and maintenance in one

Perfect after sales service

Manufacturers to create value for customers

Efficient and efficient way of logistics

Quality assurance

Production Process

Health and environmental protection

A number of well-known domestic institutions and technical exchanges

In the factory test machine after the failure to deliver to the customer

A number of multinational companies long-term partners

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About Us

Perfect service, quality of the quality, dedication, perfect

Shanghai of the  automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a design, manufacture, sale,  maintenance in one of the professional production enterprises. The  company mainly produces automation equipment, transportation equipment,  storage equipment, work tables and other systems engineering, sales in  the industry among the best, is one of the most powerful manufacturers.
Efficiency  has attached great importance to technological innovation, over the  years with a number of well-known domestic institutions, machinery  design institutes and other units to maintain close technical exchanges,  making the original experience of the design team even more powerful,  effective knowledge of the product quality is the life,

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